Here are some testimonials from my clients.

“I was under a lot of stress and was experiencing serious problems with my digestive system, excessive gas and bloating. I was very uncomfortable and of course socially concerned! After ONE acupuncture treatment with Lynn I felt more balanced and grounded in my body. My digestion seemed to turn itself back “on,” and I had one of the most completely restful nights of sleep in a long time. I woke up the next day with a sense of resiliency and calm energy. I felt like myself again. Lynn was able to advise specific foods to speed total healing and what foods and beverages I should avoid. These were simple solutions that I could easily follow to enhance my healing process. I felt so loved and seen by Lynn in my time, “on the table,” that truly I cannot wait for that bright healing light to be focused on me again. Go seen Lynn and regain your balance… fire up your vitality!”



“I have been doing extensive reading and learning about the toxic environment we live in and was very excited and motivated to start the 21-Day Purification & Weight Management Program. I stuck to the cleanse very strictly, but ended it 3 days early due to my going away party. I experienced increased energy, a clear mind, decreased stress and an overall happy mood. My acne cleared up, I slept better and I was way more focused and mellow. My husband told me many times that I appeared to be “glowing.” I was extremely happy with the program and plan to do it again in the Fall. In fact I have talked to my Husband, Sister, Brother-in-law, and best friend into doing it with me! This is a life changing program and will forever alter the way you look at food and other influences in our toxic world. Make sure you are ready, because you will only get out what you put into the experience, but it will change you forever.”

Catherine Hiarides- Rio Nido


“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your help with my recent success in losing weight.I Growing up in an Italian family, our diet consisted of pasta, pizza, homemade bread, fried dough, and more pasta!  No one left the table until they were stuffed—and that led to the couch for a nap.

Reaching mid-life, I knew things had to change as I was always feeling tired and could not take weight off as easily.  I was buying bigger and bigger sized and trying every ‘fad’ diet out there – with little or no success.  When I came to you I was ready to try anything but wanted quick results.  You started me off with the ‘cleanse’ in August of 2002 and after three weeks I lost 13 pounds.  The shakes were great and I was never hungry.  Now, I’m down over 20 pounds and too many inches to count!  I have gone from a size 10 to a size 2.  (I haven’t been a size 2 since I got married 22 years ago!)  Yes, the results were quick and the best part is the way I feel.  I have so much energy – no more naps!  My blood pressure and cholesterol are great – I even received a discount on life insurance!

The ‘cleanse’ worked for me, even through the holidays I was able to maintain.  It’s not just a diet – it’s a new way of life, and I do NOT ever want to go back.  Your guidance and commitment to improving my health has been invaluable and greatly appreciated.”



“I came to you originally looking to lose some of the extra pounds I had put on.  In that respect alone the Detoxification/Cleansing was a success.  Over a period of two months,  I lost 20 pounds.  The Detoxification was an unequivocal success.”



“Lost 13 pounds and 2 ½% body fat.  I felt good during the 3 weeks.  No headaches, stomachaches, etc.  Towards the last week I slept better.  I had more energy, actually felt like I needed to exercise to burn off some of the energy!”



“I lost 18 pounds in the three week cleanse, as well as losing 16 inches.  I have noticed much less mucous and nasal congestion since the cleanse.  I have not had a desire for sugar, simple carbs, or soft drinks.”


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